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Discharge Screen Printing

Have you ever been curious about the high-end special print looks that you only see at retail stores? Discharge Screen Printing adds just a little bit of creativity that can take your t-shirt’s style to the next level. Discharge screen printing is a different method of printing with using discharge inks, which are special waterbased inks that replace the shirts color with a pigmented dye. The final results are a super soft and colorful print. We’ve been doing discharge screen printing since 2009 and know the ins and the outs of the technique. Contact us, we’d love to produce amazing results for your next order of custom shirts or hoodies.

Discharge screen printing is the perfect way to expand the customization of a design. You can take a logo or any image that might be a bit boring and turn it into a totally custom designed shirt just by being creative with the print techniques. By using discharge screen printing, you can give a shirt an all-over printed look that has become very popular with Martial Arts shirt companies and you can even further be customize with foil or custom distressed printing.

Every shirt is distinct even though they all have similar looks, but can truly be offered as one-of-a-kind.