Independently owned and operated Screen Printing in Los Angeles, CA, providing Band Shirts, Band Merch, Tour Posters, and Graphic Design.

About Us

The Black Tshirt is not your ordinary screen printing shop. A handful of like-minded musicians and music industry types came together in late 2009 with one vision in mind: creating a screen printing shop where bands come first, and with that The Black Tshirt was born. With their collective backgrounds in design and music, The Black Tshirt understands the need to be able to create a great professional product in an over-saturated market. We love the entire process of screen printing; from the initial design concepts to the printing of the final product that gets sold to music fans.

In 2008, before we even started The Black Tshirt. Our silkscreen side project was born out of a Merchandise run printed for a local band that needed some help with t-shirts, Merch for the entire tour was printed out of a single car garage in Silver Lake. After everyone finished working their day jobs, we would head to the cramped garage space each night to print tee shirts. Even though the conditions were less than ideal, it didn’t stop the word from getting out and eventually printing for a ton of other bands.

A lot has changed since our early days printing in the garage, what has not changed is our commitment to artists and bands. Today, our shop is located just outside the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the arts district near Lincoln Heights. With multiple screen printing presses, designers, apparel resources, and music industry knowledge, The Black Tshirt is fast becoming the go to print shop for the music community.