Independently owned and operated Screen Printing in Los Angeles, CA, providing Band Shirts, Band Merch, Tour Posters, and Graphic Design.

Jumbo and Oversize Screen Printing

You don’t have to settle for a 14 inch print size anymore.  Our standard Silk Screen size is 20×24 inches and can handle images even larger.  We offer Oversize screen printing up to 23×31 inches and Jumbo Screen Printing where we custom make a screen to your specifications.

All Over Screenprinting

All over printing is a new and extremely popular option to give you the oversized and distressed look you want on your apparel.  All Over Print is primarily done with water base or discharge inks and the apparel is printed over the entire area.  All over is the hottest trend in fashion today, and only offered by a limited number of companies do to the level of difficulty.   All over prints may have some imperfections do to the seams and collar areas that are printed. To receive a quote for all over printing please go to our get a quote page of our site and follow instructions given.


Keep in mind that when printing jumbo art work or all over prints everything is done by hand.  Each print is subject to slight shifts in over all position and the apparel size will factor into the final outcome of the print.  Designs that are distressed or that have edges that go up to, but not over apparel seams work the best.  Designs that are planned around the apparel’s size and seam limitations help to enhance the look of the shirt. With some artwork you may have smudges and blurs over seams, as well as areas that may not print where the apparel has stitches.